The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising began April 19, 1943

Modern day outline of the Warsaw Ghetto Wall

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising began April 19, 1943. This noble ‘last stand’ by desperate Jews against the Germans became the first urban uprising in German-occupied Europe. Symbolically it stands as the most important Jewish uprising. It lasted less than a month and nearly all who participated lost their lives, but it inspired other uprisings at Sobibor and Treblinka and changed the story of millions walking in resignation to their death without a fight.

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Frédéric Chopin Remains an Icon of Polish Pride

Daughter-playing-grand-pianoFrédéric Chopin remains an icon of Polish pride. Born March 1, 1810, he died a young man at age 39. The piano music he left behind remains a favorite among classical music fans, and a high standard for any pianist. I am a fan of classical music, and actually have two pianos in my living room. The first is a Yamaha grand piano passed down from my mother-in-law as my daughter’s inheritance, and the second is the upright Cable-Nelson piano I grew up with. Trust me – if you can play Chopin you have my utmost admiration. And you’re invited to my house for a private recital. See below for a video.

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E. Wedel Chocolate in Poland

E. Wedel double heart tinsHow about a chocolate vacation? If someone organizes it, I’m all in. Think of it. Travel to top European countries, and sample the best chocolate each country has to offer. In Poland, that would be E. Wedel chocolate, the oldest and most famous chocolate in Poland. I confess I missed the Wedel chocolate lounges (they’re called lounges, not restaurants) in both Warsaw and Krakow. But I did manage to scoop up several boxes of Wedel chocolates at the airport prior to leaving Poland. They were some of the best souvenirs I brought back.

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