Warsaw Uprising 70th anniversary is August 1 - Part 1

August 1, 1944 the Warsaw Uprising began. By its end in October, 200,000 valiant Poles would lose their life fighting for their city and country. Let me say that again – 200,000 in less than three months.

This is not the same as the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. They are two completely different events, at different times, and by different parties. The reason I mention it, is as an American the names are so similar at first glance it’s confusing.  

The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising came first; it began April 19, 1943 as the last rebellion by Jews remaining in the Warsaw Ghetto. At its end, anyone not killed in the uprising was transported to concentration camps to be gassed. Hitler flattened the entire ghetto portion of Warsaw. 

Poles remained in occupied Warsaw. As early as May 1944 Soviets dropped leaflets over Warsaw encouraging  occupants to rebel and rise up. Though it didn’t take the Soviets to encourage rebellion, there was an inherent assumption that the Soviets would back up and fight with the Poles against the Germans. 

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