Skiing in Safety in the Tatra Mountains

Couple skiing in the Tatra MountainsIn honor of the record blizzard blanketing the East Coast, I thought of a Polish winter. In 1946, the high Tatra mountains offered Henry Zguda secluded safety from certain communist leaders looking to arrest him after the war.  A friend hired Henry as a caretaker of a mountain cabin in the mountains. Thus, Henry spent the winter of 1945-46 skiing in safety in the Tatra Mountains.

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“Auschwitz had a wonderful orchestra”

boccaccio march sheet musicAuschwitz had a wonderful orchestra.” With that line, Henry Zguda introduced me to a lesser known component of all German concentration camps – music. For some lucky prisoners, musical ability saved their lives, because they were selected for the camp orchestra. Henry worked for the director of the Auschwitz orchestra, so was able to describe it in first-hand detail.

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Link to April 15 presentation is Now Available

John, me and BogumilThe video recording for my April 15 talk “Poles as Victims and Heroes under Hitler and Stalin” given at Scottsdale Community College can be viewed online at the link below. After a few minutes of introductions the talk gets into the real core of the presentation. Many thanks go to John Liffiton and the video production of SCC who did a great job hosting the entire week. Na zdrowie!

(Video currently available under the tab “Video Presentation.”)