The Original Newspaper Column that Started This

This entire journey of interviewing Henry Zguda, trying to write a book, and the lasting friendship with Henry and his widow Nancy that ensued, began with one small newspaper column in the Arizona Republic, November 2002. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long.

The decision to set up a series of interviews, led to surprise discoveries in history I couldn’t have imagined. The quest to learn Poland and her history began because I wanted to be credible in my writing and speaking, as well as to add needed context and background to the stories Henry shared with me. 

It’s easy to write your own story – you were there. Writing someone else’s story, especially someone you knew but a year, and who passed away, requires a lot of research and investigation, and in Henry’s case – translation of documents from Polish and German.  

So for fun, I thought I would scan in the original newspaper article that started this whole adventure. 

If you notice the byline is for Len Gutman, it’s because in the entire eleven years of writing for the newspaper, this ONE time they screwed up and misprinted my writing under someone else’s name. I suppose it makes a great story, but given where this one article has led me, wouldn’t it have been nice if the newspaper could have gotten it right?  

In an upcoming post, I will post the second column I wrote about Henry Zguda. 

Len Gutman is a great guy, very involved in philanthropy in the Phoenix area. But trust me – he never met Henry Zguda or would have a clue who he is.