Vote? Me? Yes you!

I Voted stickerVote? Me? Yes you! My right to vote, and yours, is based on countless people who fought, campaigned, and even died, for decades.

I grew up in a household that paid attention to news and current events. My bachelor’s degree is in political science. I vote in every election and hope I have passed this tradition down to my children. When my children turned eighteen, I encouraged them to serve as a poll worker on an election day. Two did and the main insight from that day remains with them: Few people showed up to vote. It was a very long, boring day. What about today, now, 2020? Continue reading

Positive Things We can do During the COVID-19 crisis

The doom and gloom of the COVID-19 coronavirus is scary, depressing, and a dangerous reality. We are living in a sci-fi novel, except it’s nonfiction and the end is not written yet. The tentacles of economic fallout are just beginning.

We are in a serious crisis, in battle against an unseen enemy that does not discriminate. But we are in this together. Creativity and positivity are needed more than ever. In my brainstorming, here are some ideas to come together as a community and face this crisis together. I can’t save the world, but we each have the power of ONE.

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