Mamma Mia! Now in Polish

Want to hear something fun and different? A Polish language version of Mamma Mia! opens in Warsaw this coming February 2015. The production has already been translated into 16 languages including Chinese in 2011. Polish is the 17th language.

LOT Polish Airlines appears to be a key sponsor. The Mamma Mia! logo appears on planes. The airline filmed a promotional Mamma Mia! flash mob in the Warsaw airport to surprise the airline’s 500,000th passenger. The Polish cast is introduced for the first time as they sing their way off a LOT plane parked in a hangar. The airline’s travel agency is even offering tours to ABBA related sites in Stockholm.

It’s hard to take yourself seriously while watching three supposedly middle-age women prance in Lycra belting out Super Trouper. Nancy Zguda and I went to see the show when it came to Tempe; how fun to be dancing in the aisles with an 88 year old friend having a blast.

After listening to the promo in Polish, I have a better idea of why it means so much to hear the show in your native language. I can’t understand a darn thing except the two words “Mamma Mia.” Given the many current world tensions on Poland’s borders, what better time to import some warm fun into a cold Polish winter.

I’d love it if the producers of Mamma Mia! copied what Les Miserables did for an anniversary recording. They ended with the Jean Valjeans from each language, joining for a final medley of the lead song. Impressive.

I’ve included a link below to the short video where the cast sings its way off the plane. The video itself is campy in its homemade quality. You’d think the airline could have hired better photographers – but it’s all in fun, and a good cure for a serious case of writer’s block.

Mamma Mia! cast sings their way off the airplane

And for more fun, an airport flash mob.

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