E. Wedel Chocolate in Poland

E. Wedel double heart tinsHow about a chocolate vacation? If someone organizes it, I’m all in. Think of it. Travel to top European countries, and sample the best chocolate each country has to offer. In Poland, that would be E. Wedel chocolate, the oldest and most famous chocolate in Poland. I confess I missed the Wedel chocolate lounges (they’re called lounges, not restaurants) in both Warsaw and Krakow. But I did manage to scoop up several boxes of Wedel chocolates at the airport prior to leaving Poland. They were some of the best souvenirs I brought back.

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Traditional Polish Food isn’t ‘Lite’ Fare

Polish food ranges from the fattier meats and starchier potatoes and pierogies to the elegant and refined.

Admittedly, ten days in Poland is not enough time to experience the full spectrum of Polish cuisine.  In Krakow we splurged on a ‘VIP’ dinner following a Chopin concert in a small salon at the legendary Wierzynek on the Main Market Square.  It was our wedding anniversary, and it was probably the fanciest, most elegant 6-course dinner I’ve had in my life.

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