The “Future Library” Takes Root in Oslo Norway

The “Future Library” Project in Oslo, Norway has taken root in 2014 as a unique, hundred-year “living, breathing” public art project. Margaret Atwood, a fervent environmentalist and author of over 40 works, has been chosen to contribute the first manuscript to this imaginative collection. Too bad we won’t be able to read her book in our life time.

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Tips to Capture those Memories Now

Mother-2Band-2Bme-2BcroppedDo you have a parent, grandparent or dear friend you think has a great story? Here’s a few  things I’ve learned, both by what I did right, and what I could have done better.

1.   Begin now!  Life is short, and we never know how short. If there is a special person’s story you want to save, set up some times to meet as soon as possible. 
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Success! International Tracing Service

130 Documents.  

That’s how many additional pages of documentation I have on Henry Zguda thanks to the International Tracing Service housed at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. I don’t know why I waited so long to put in a research request. I guess I’d presumed a ‘tracking’ service would help me ‘trace’ Henry. But I knew where he was and when. I could not have been more wrong.  

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