Thank you Tucson Festival of Books!

Thank you Tucson Festival of Books! I have to give a strong shout-out to the Tucson Festival of Books.  I’d never heard of this event until I joined the Phoenix Writer’s Club this past fall and someone mentioned it. I went out of curiosity and interest – and will return every year for the sheer volume of free information, numbers of authors and related businesses.  With all the flair of an outdoor arts festival with performers, stages and food courts, the content focused on the written word, children’s fun, a science pavillion and free books for children. Festival proceeds go to fund literacy programs in southern Arizona. 

All the volunteers wore royal blue t-shirts so they were easy to spot and without exception very helpful.  As I commented to one woman in the restroom that it was an impressive event – she said ‘Yes it is.  And it’s all put on by 1600 volunteers, even down to raising the tents and hanging the banners.” 

I took a wheeled briefcase to keep the weight of purse, notes and books off my shoulders. I found it hard at times to walk quickly or at all through the crowds that kept strolling or pausing in front of every booth.  I was motivated to move between workshops quickly – many sessions filled to capacity and turned dozens away.  I made the mistake of thinking I might be able to hear Sandra Day O’Connor – I was about 3,000 people too late for that presentation. I didn’t even try for Scott Turow at the end of the day, but I did get into a session with Alice Hoffman and a new author I hadn’t known before – Jillian Cantor.  Somehow having a face and a voice to a by-line just makes the writing that much more real. 

And my two favorite purchases, besides books of course, are my new motivational bracelets, created by a clever artisan from Tubac, Arizona who re-purposes old typewriter keys. 


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