What Forgotten Stories in Your Life Need Dusting off and Refreshing?

Silver teapot with autumn flowersWhat forgotten stories in your life need dusting off and refreshing? I was rummaging for something in the back of the china cabinet, and there it was staring back at me, black, dull and dusty. As I shuddered to think of what Carson might say if such tarnish accumulated on any silver service at Downton Abbey, I pulled the teapot out for a closer look. I studied the scrolled handles and joints swirled in shades of grey and black and thought of the years it stood on my mother’s buffet as a sign of suburban success. Yes, a revival was in order. I think the result speaks for itself. What do you think?

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U.S. Olympic Swimmers Visit Krakow Poland in 1936

Henry Zguda's personal scrapbook

From Henry Zguda’s personal scrapbook, 1936. US Olympic swimmers Peter Fick and Jack Medica visit Krakow.

Watching the Rio Olympics, I’m reminded of how far the sport of swimming has come. Henry Zguda began his lifelong career as a swimmer in the Krakow YMCA in 1933. At that time, the indoor 25-meter pool was the most modern and newest pool in all of Poland. The YMCA eventually built pool facilities in other major cities in Poland, and sponsored swim competitions throughout the country. In 1936, following the Berlin Olympics, three American swimmers visited Kraków on a goodwill tour. Henry spoke fondly of swimming against gold medalist Jack Medica, silver medalist Ralph Flanagan, and Peter Fick who placed sixth overall in the men’s 100-meter freestyle.

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I Thought Everyone Knew That

me-palace-leftHas anyone ever looked at you and pronounced these memorable words: I thought everyone knew that. The phrase seems to define presumption and implies naïveté or worse. But don’t we think it all the time? Perspective, context, and cultural background all color how we each view the world – and how the world sees us. It can also mean we go on mental autopilot without even knowing it. Here are three small examples of when I’ve moved on mental auto-pilot without thinking.

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Euro Cup 2016: Poland Wins its Third Game*

Polish national Polish Tea - courtesy of Vistula for MrFashion.pl

Euro Cup 2016 – Polish National Football Team – 2016

Poland won its third soccer match towards the Euro Cup 2016 trophy, changing the team from “underdog” to “one of the ones to watch.” Today’s score: Poland vs. Ukraine: score 1:0. The American press has given the European match zero news coverage, which I understand somewhat. Soccer isn’t the biggest sport here, and the US is not participating. Thank goodness for the Internet.

After today’s match, Poland is one of the top four teams out of a slate of 24. The other three top teams are Croatia, Germany and France. I find myself getting psyched for the next game.

*Update – On June 25 Poland beat Switzerland!!!