I Love Meeting Authors and Readers

Katrina Shawver speaks to a book clubAs a reader I love meeting authors, and as an author I love meeting readers. I learned many years ago that if you reach out to authors, sometimes they write back. I once received a hand-written note back. The clue is if they have posted their email or have a contact form on their website. Go ahead. Reach out to an author whose book you liked. The worst that could happen is they don’t respond. You might build a new connection or friendship. Remember, behind every book there is a real person who wants to tell a story…to you, the reader. Here are a few authors I have met. Continue reading

“One More Day” Flash Mob in Warsaw

Zlote Tarasy shopping mall in Warsaw

The Zlote Tarasy shopping mall in downtown Warsaw. Photo by author, 2013.

Watching a “One More Day” flash mob in Warsaw was the light moment I needed yesterday to break up writers block. This signature song from the long-running Broadway mega-hit Les Miserables, has been translated into 22 languages. In the spirit of something fun and not too serious, I’m including the link to a flash mob filmed in a shopping mall in the heart of Warsaw in 2011. Even more fun – I’ve been in that mall. For whatever reason I can watch Les Mis again and again, even if I can’t sing along in Polish. Enjoy!



If you still want Broadway fun in Polish, CLICK HERE for previous post with two fun videos of Mamma Mia! in Polish.

Have a fabulous day!

What Forgotten Stories in Your Life Need Dusting off and Refreshing?

Silver teapot with autumn flowersWhat forgotten stories in your life need dusting off and refreshing? I was rummaging for something in the back of the china cabinet, and there it was staring back at me, black, dull and dusty. As I shuddered to think of what Carson might say if such tarnish accumulated on any silver service at Downton Abbey, I pulled the teapot out for a closer look. I studied the scrolled handles and joints swirled in shades of grey and black and thought of the years it stood on my mother’s buffet as a sign of suburban success. Yes, a revival was in order. I think the result speaks for itself. What do you think?

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