2015 Resolutions? Try Counting Successes

I did itHappy New Year!  Have your considered setting just one goal for the year? Is it attainable? Goals sound easier than resolutions. My only 2015 resolution is to make no resolution. Instead I’m trying something new. I made an “I did it!” jar. As I go through the year I’ll try to remember to add notes for something I do well, even if it’s just cooking a new recipe or a fabulous dinner. It doesn’t take a daily discipline, just an occasional self Atta Girl.

The reality is life happens and we don’t know what kind of stressors are coming our way that sidetrack the best of intentions. Resolutions always depress me. Why? I don’t have the self-discipline to keep them for twelve months, so they become one more thing I don’t accomplish. Give up sugar? The most I’ve ever lasted on that one is three weeks. Lose those last ten pounds (or so :-)). Well, I still have them. Keep a gratitude journal? It’s a nice idea but more work than just practicing gratitude.  Make more time for friends? I’ve been in writing hibernation for the last year, so that one is pretty high on a list of “goals” for the coming year.

Are there any resolutions you’ve made and actually kept? Count me me very impressed.

Happy New Year and may the coming year bring good health and all kinds of blessings your way.

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  • Trina, You are doing it! Right now! You are writing – well! You are loving your family – well. You are completing “Henry’s book” – well. Bravo for doing it!


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