75th Anniversary of the Polish Underground State

September 27 marks the 75th anniversary of the beginning of the Polish underground Army (1939). 

The Day of the Polish Underground State was first celebrated in 1998, ten years after the fall of communism. The symbol, part anchor, part “P” for Poland is displayed on monuments in Polandthat honor the underground. From the root of the beginnings in 1939 the underground force would evolve Continue reading

Frederyck Chopin’s Heart Shows signs of Tuberculosis – 150 years after he died.

Frederyck Chopin’s heart was tested recently to determine the cause of his death at the young age of 39. His heart has been ensconsed in the pillar of a Warsaw church, per his dying wish – bury his heart in Poland. While the heart shows signs of tuberculosis, I ask myself, does it really matter?

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There’s no Denying the Holocaust when there’s so Many Records

I am still sorting through the over 100 documents the International Tracing Service provided to me that are related to Henry. Almost all are from Buchenwald, again a surprise as when the Americans bombed Buchenwald on August 24,1944 they targeted the Administration Building that held camp records. 

Last week I met with my German translator. Even she had trouble with some of the words and print because the paperwork used an older style of German. I’m still surprised at the extensive record-keeping. If Henry changed blocks, there was a Continue reading