Camp Mail in Concentration Camps

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In important piece of Henry’s story is his collection of letters from both Auschwitz and Buchenwald. I had never seen these in history books or seen anything like them. When I asked a woman from church to Continue reading

August 1939 – Hitler Seals a Non-Aggression Pact with Stalin

In August 1939 Henry Zguda renewed his driver’s license, swam in several water polo competitions, and got beaten up on a Sunday afternoon date with his girlfriend for ‘looking like a Jew.’ Henry wasn’t Jewish, but his friends were and he didn’t like Anti-Semites. The next day he went to the Krakow YMCA with his black eye and missing tooth. His friend Kazio, goal keeper for the water polo team, gathered other strong athletes and they went back to the same park to return the favor to those who would beat up Jews. 

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