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When I first started interviewing Henry twelve years ago Poland was still rebuilding after the fall of communism. The pocket travel guide I bought for Krakow was a first edition, Krakow still a ‘hidden’ travel gem. Roman Polanski’s The Pianist came out in theaters in 2002, after I met Henry. I still remember asking Henry if he had seen The Pianist. He

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Do you know this building?

I offer a photo from Henry’s album I have been unable to place.

The building intrigues me; I assume it is in New York City, or nearby. Behind the stairway it seems to say ‘Pan Ameri . . .’  In earlier days of photo processing, the month and year printed on the white border. That places this photo as being developed in October 1960. Henry is in the foreground with hands on hips.

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War Reparations Not Available to Henry

Beginning in 1962, Henry began applying for benefits from the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) fund for assistance to persons persecuted by reason of their nationality. He also applied directly to Germany for war reparations (though I only have copies of the UNHCR papers.) Though he’d survived the camps, he still had many physical ailments from the camps, that slowed down his physical capacity

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