How I Met Mr. Right - Nancy & Henry Zguda

I am Henry’s house for an interview, and he decides to show me his office.  The ‘office’ is a small third bedroom that squeezes in a small, brown recliner, a desk with a bulletin board above it, a small set of shelves on the wall filled with tennis trophies and a few other surprises and mementos. On the desk was also a thick file of various newspaper and magazine articles on Auschwitz and the Holocaust, and a few aging paperbacks.

But what caught my eye that day was a magazine clipping on the bulletin board with a picture of Henry and Nancy Zguda entitled ‘How I Met Mr. Right.’ Now here was a love story.

When Nancy Conforti first laid eyes on Henry Zguda in 1959, two words came to mind:  “Not interested.”  . . . Although she says ‘romantically’ I didn’t give him a second thought, Nancy was always nice to Henry. . . . Then one day she saw him gazing at her with an unmistakable look of love on his face. .  . He was so sweet and sincere that Nancy didn’t have the heart to refuse a date. 

(Nancy🙂 He was the most persistent man I knew, and he always brought me flowers when we went out. One evening Henry took me to the movies in Manhattan.  To impress me, he took me home to the Bronx by cab.  What he didn’t tell me was that he didn’t have enough money to get back.  So after he made sure I was home safely, he walked 30 miles home.” 

Source:  Women’s World Magazine, April 6, 1993.

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