Today is 'Jan Karski Day'

If Jan Karski was still alive, he would turn 100 today, April 24, 2014. News reports show that a newer version of his 1944 Story of a Secret State is being released in Poland to coincide with the centennial of his birth.

I wrote about Jan Karski on April 8, 2014 (see link below.) If you’re scratching your head and going ‘Who’s Jan Karski?’ I encourage you to read the earlier entry. However I seem to have missed a couple of current events.

On April 1, 2014, the United States Senate designated January 24 as ‘Jan Karski Day’ to honor his legacy.

The Senate resolution was initiated by the Jan Karski Educational Foundation in partnership with Polish History Museum in Warsaw.

The Jan Karski Educational Foundation reported on April 4 that the National Bank of Poland has issued three commemorative coins. The coins combine two goals – keep the memory of Jan Karski alive and promote civic responsibility.  

We need modern-day heroes and people to look up to.  Happy Birthday Pan Karski.*


*’Pan’ is not a typo.  It means ‘Mister’ in Polish.  Happy Birthday Mr. Karski.


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