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220px-Flag_of_PolandJust for fun, I posted some U.S. trivia questions in the last post. I’ve been writing about Poland for eight months. I realize not everyone has read every post. But if you have, or if you’re Polish, you’ll easily recognize these.

Thaddeus Kosciuszko: (check all that apply)

a) fought in the American Revolutionary War as Colonel of Engineers
b) was part of the Polish underground in Auschwitz
c) has a National Memorial named after him as part of the National Park Service
d) broke all skiing records in the 2014 Winter Olympics

The colors of the Polish flag are:
a) blue, red and white
b) red, white and green
c) Poland doesn’t have a flag
d) red and white

In 1794, Poland became part of the following countries:

a) Germany, Russia and Lithuania
b) Romania, Ukraine and France
c) Austria, Russia and Germany
d) Czechoslovakia, Ukraine and Germany


1.  a & c; see www.nps.gov/thko; 2. d.  3. c. see Brief Overview of Polish History

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