Polish Olympic Gold and Polish Cinema

This post is a short commercial to say Well-Done to Polish athletes in the Sochi Olympics.

So far, Poland has won four medals – all gold. The medals are for:
Women’s cross country skiing (10 km.); Ski jumping (two golds) and Speed skating.

This number is very impressive when you consider that from 1976 through 2006 Poland only won a total of four medals at the Winter Games.

Under the category of catty gossip and Olympic fashion statements – the Polish outfits of grey/white with the red Polish eagle have received good reviews, especially in contrast to some of the more . . . colorful . . . Olympic team uniforms.
And on an entertainment note . . . 
Martin Scorsese recently finished a two-week film festival at Lincoln Center featuring Polish films from 1957 – 1987.  I wouldn’t know any of the films or directors, but part of the point of featuring Polish films is to highlight how they used the film medium to push the creative envelope during an oppressive communist era.  

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