Poland's Arrinera Hussarya Sports Car

Poland’s national car company, Arrinera, has partnered with Lee Noble, an auto chassis legend to build a premier sports car, named Hussarya. Together they plan to put Poland on the auto world map of Europe. When first presented to journalists in 2011, they slammed it as being too much like a Lamborghini without being original. Arrinera went back to the drawing board.

Re-released in April 2014, the Arrinera Hussarya is in production. The company hopes to have models for sale by late 2014. Though the features are similar to other sports cars, it’s generally rated as a good-looking car on its own. Much of the news feeds are then dedicated to gear shifts, custom paint pallettes, speed and wheel base – which if you’re into those details feel free to enter the name into a search engine and research on your own.
From hosting the World Cup, the Catholic World Youth Day in 2016, and bidding on the Winter Olympics in 2022, Poland is most definitely entering into its own as a country to be noticed, and striving for the holy grail for Poland – worldwide respect. 

On a side note – I recognized something immediately that went right over my husband’s head (yeah for me!)  The root word of the car’s name – Hussar – refers the the Hussars, a light cavalry brigade that originated in Serbia (Slavic) and was very respected, especially in ceremonial dress.  When I visited Our Lady Of Czestochowa  parish in Phoenix, the host of the 2014 Polish Festival, there was a room dedicated to Polish history. There was a mannequin and painting both dedicated to Poland’s horseman history.  I think Henry would be impressed. 

Note – My husband gave me this tip, as he is into sports cars and subscribes to several news feeds from the motor world. He forwarded the Arrinera Hussarya on to me, that hit the auto world news in early April 2014.

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