Playing gin for $500/game

Henry shows me a picture of an unimpressive building with jeeps in front. Henry stands to the side.  

Williamson was in therapy every day. When he travels, I travel with him. Physical therapy helps with Parkinsons and he wants to stay straight.

See this lodge? He goes hunting with his millionaire friends, up near the Sacramento Delta. There was an island there of about 100 acres. These guys each bought 10 acres, rented it to the farmers to grow corn there. So every year in September, October, November the geese and ducks from Canada were flying south. And because they see the corn they fly right over it. They whole sky would be full of birds. 

The hunters would have their fun. They sit in a ditch and have the bird caller (Henry makes a woo-hoo sound) then they take the gun and shoot the birds. I never shot the birds. I feel sorry for them. Here’s millionaires shooting geese for fun, when all the geese are trying to do is survive the winter. 

When shooting was done these guys go inside and play gin rummy. They play for $500 a game like it’s nothing. Meanwhile I’m outside and I play for dollars with the chauffeur. I just shake my head. – Henry Zguda

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