Henry's War Injuries

In some of Henry’s papers I located some papers in both English and German to a Dr. Kornicsh.  It wasn’t until I had them translated two years ago, that I understood the content. They were appeals to a German doctor for his assistance with war reparations. 

As quoted from a letter from Henry to Dr. Kornicsh, Munich, West Germany October 29, 1965

From frequent beating of the head, probable partial deafness, Menieres’ Syndrome, lack of concentration, impairment of memory, constant buzzing in right ear (otosclerosis).

Typhoid fever with possible sequelae

Pleuritis and pleurisy with possible respiratory complications, such as frequent bronchitis and sinusitis

Varicose veins possibly requiring surgical intervention in the near future 

Genito-urinary complications due to prolonged exposure, general mistreatment including blows to the body and dietary insufficiency.  These complications include frequent urination, high uric acid and gout.
Additionally, Henry lost most of his teeth due to getting kicked in the face by the SS, and over three years of malnutrition.
To my knowledge Henry received nothing from Germany as war reparations.

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