Battle of Grunwald Reenacted in Poland

I found this news link from Polish news about a reenactment. I’m including the link because it’s just impressive when you see the pictures. I see it as a cross between a Renaissance festival and American southerners who reenact Civil War battles. I haven’t seen one of those, but this looks like an event I’d love to attend if I’m ever in Poland again, so I thought I would share the info. Click on the link below to see Polish news and photos.

Link to Polish news: Grunwald Reenactment  (It’s in English)

So my knowledge of Poland continues to grow incrementally. There is a reason I named this blog An American Meets Poland . . the learning started with Henry Zguda and it still continues.

First Henry tells me about Jagiellonian University in Krakow, named after King Jagiello, a famous king from the 15th Century. First clue he’s really important.

I visit Poland and find streets named after King Jagiello. Second clue he’s really important.

Then earlier this year I discovered that the largest statue in New York City’s Central Park is of King Jagiello at his most victorious moment. The statue was cast for the entrance to the Polish Pavillion at the 1939 World’s Fair. Third clue he’s more important, akin to if you visit Washington D.C. and you see the three top monuments – you’ll know the names Washington, Lincoln and Jefferson.