A Millionaire Patient from California

Many, many wealthy people came to St. Barnabus Hospital to have the surgery by Dr. Cooper. I had one senator from California. I straighten him on my therapy table and he was very happy with me. When he go back to California, he tell his friend Williamson about me.   

Fred Williamson came to New York and he had the surgery on his right side. After two weeks of therapy with me he was so good he almost could play basketball with me. (I give Henry an odd look, like really, basketball?)  I don’t mean play it but he could throw me a basketball. So we have fun together. Fred took me to dinner in the Bronx and we had a good time.

Then he recuperate for a month or so, and he had the surgery on his left side. Fred had a plan. 

“Henry, why don’t you come back to California with me? I need therapy every day. I pay for everything. I’ll buy a house for you and Nancy. I’ll build a therapy room in the house and you tell me what you need. Come to California and work for me.”

My family, Nancy’s mother, is Italian, we live close in, close to the hospital, it was so perfect everything. Nancy didn’t want to leave her mother. No way. We had a big fight. So I said forget it. I like my wife. I have a good life. 

Dr. Cooper called me up one day.  “Henry, Williamson is a good man. It’s a good offer. You can have a good life in California. You should go.”  – Henry Zguda

Note – Fred Williamson is a pseudonym.

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