A Hollow Head in Krakow's Main Square


head sculpture in Krakow  web size watermarkA large head lying on its side greets visitors to Krakow’s Main Square. What’s in a head?  Well, this one contains nothing but air. Arriving in Krakow’s huge Main Square you see the majestic St. Mary’s Church from the 14th century towering over the square.

Then look around and see small traces of modernity – the Bankomats, and tourists snapping photos with their IPhones, IPads and other Droids  Then in the middle of the square there is a huge head on its side – with little explanation.  Is it a Polish hero?  Toppled Soviet? Nope – just another modern art exhibit left behind within the last decade. Just like the tall, fake palm tree in Warsaw it’s a bit of tourist kitsch.

The head is large, solid and seems out of place in surrounded by centuries-old buildings. If I stood in front of it there would still be a good four feet above my head. I post it as a bit of tourist nostalgia from Krakow, and a sign of what my brain feels like at the moment – a bit hollow, but still in Krakow with lots of ideas and history swirling around, looking for the perfect landing spot on the printed page. Stay tuned for more.

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