A California Life for Henry

In four short years Henry used his ‘found’ tuxedo to sit at the captain’s table on the USS America; arrived in the United States with one friend and $5 to his name, not speaking one word of English. Within a year he found the love of his life, Nancy Zguda. He subsequently became a physical therapist to the rich and famous and assisted a famous surgeon in brain surgery.

By 1964 he is private therapist to a California millionaire, his main and only job, providing physical therapy to his employer for two hours a day. He owned his first car, a brand new Mustang he never paid for. He and Nancy lived in a house they owned but never paid for.

Part of the adventure for Henry that continued included the many people he met and places he travelled to. Williamson never wanted the Parkinson’s tremors to return, so Henry went wherever his employer went, always providing daily therapy. Can I prove the many stories Henry shared with me? No. Do I believe him? Yes, since almost everything else he’s told me I’ve been able to verify.

Is there anyone who could say luck didn’t follow Henry his entire life?

The photo of Henry is simply labeled on the back “Henry, California, 1964.”

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