70th Anniversary of the Great Escape

March 24, 2014 is the 70th anniversary of The Great Escape from a German POW camp.  The book and 1963 movie The Great Escape, starring Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson and so many other big name actors of the time, was based on this true story.

Stalag Luft Three was 100 miles south-east of Berlin and held about 10,000 Royal Air Force (British) crew at the height of its occupation.  Per the BBC, prisoners dug three tunnels for eleven months before making the daring escape. They named the tunnels Tom, Dick and Harry. Though 200 prisoners prepared to escape, 76 men escaped through the tunnels the evening of March 24, 1944. Of those, 73 were recaptured; 50 were shot on orders from Hitler.  Only three men made it safely to England.

Interestingly, the part of Germany where the POW camp, Stalag Luft Three, was, became part of Poland after 1945 when borders shifted.  Officials from both the UK (United Kingdom) and Poland will meet in Zagan, Poland to participate in a ceremony commemorating the event.  
While this may not be directly related to Henry, it has many parallels.  And besides, The Great Escape is a film classic worth watching again.   
Credit to BBC News.

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