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ANNOUNCEMENT:  I am so excited to announce two possible book covers for my forthcoming book. Please join the fun and vote for your favorite. You must click on the link to get the description of the book and to vote. Please feel free to share and forward to friends. Any comments or feedback you have are welcomed. You can comment on this post, or email me separately, katrina (at) Vote away!  



Three Memorable Lessons on Hunger

Produce in nearby grocery store

Photo by author.

Three memorable lessons on hunger–two from communism and one from Africa–taught me to never waste food or take it for granted. I’m an American woman raised in and living in abundance. There are two well-stocked grocery stores within a mile of my house, and my pantry is full. What do I know about hunger? I’m learning, one humble moment at a time.

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I Have Signed with Köehler Books to Publish Henry’s Story

Katrina Shawver and Henry Zguda

Phoenix, Arizona. 2003.

I am happy to announce that as of May 2017 I have signed with Köehler Books of Virginia Beach, Virginia as publisher of my forthcoming book: Henry: A Polish Swimmer’s True Story of Friendship from Auschwitz to America. Publisher John Köehler has caught the passion for this project and remains committed to putting out the best book possible.

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