Many Words in the Polish Language Are Very Similar to English

Photo of ATM in the Polish languageMany words in the Polish language are very similar to English, because fifty percent of the Polish language is rooted in Latin. Words may sound different in Polish – but in the written word they are easier to discern. Guess what the Polish and European name for ATM is, based on the photo to the right? Just for fun, check out a few more easy words to translate.

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Raise the Roof Documentary is a Must See Film

    Poster for Raise the Roof Film by Yari & Cary WolinskyRaise the Roof Poster, copyright 2014 Trillium Studios

The film Raise the Roof follows a ten-year project to rebuild an iconic wooden synagogue in Poland.  A friend recently invited me to a screening of the film at the Jewish Heritage Center in downtown Phoenix. When she canceled at the last minute due to illness, I was tempted to just go home after a long day at the office. I’m glad I chose to go anyway. I was so impressed that I’ve pre-ordered my own copy of the DVD and want to share it with every artist I know. I’ve visited many stunning cathedrals in Italy, but have never seen an art form quite like this Polish synagogue.

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Shakespeare’s First Folio On Display at the Tucson Festival of Books

Katrina Shawver at the Entrance to First Folio ExhibitWhen I first heard of Shakespeare’s first folio on display at the Tucson Festival of Books, I didn’t know what the book was, let alone understand the significance or historical value of this book. Just tell me up front – I’m looking at an object worth millions of dollars and you’ve got my interest. In 1623, seven years after William Shakespeare died, two of his friends published a collection of thirty-six of Shakespeare’s plays as a tribute. Without this ‘folio,’ Shakespeare’s plays would likely be lost to history. You just never know what you’ll learn at a book festival.

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