Poland Placed Eleventh in the World for Math and Science

IMG_2480Recently Poland placed eleventh in the world for math and science, and fifth in Europe,  far outranking both the UK and the US. Education rankings by country were announced during a UNESCO forum in South Korea May 19-22. And on a timely educational note, 600 libraries across Poland are holding the first ever “Library Night” Saturday night, May 30. The event kicks off a nationwide drive to read to children. Something’s going right in Poland.

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I’m the Guest Blogger today on Desert Muses web site

I am pleased to announce that I am the featured blogger on the Desert Muses web site for May 20. I consider it an honor and am glad to be asked to contribute.

Additionally, I will be the speaker for the July meeting of the Phoenix Writer’s Club. I will be talking on “my unexpected, incomplete writing life.”  It’s been quite the journey so far. Now if I could just keep “butt in chair” and finish my project I’ll be ecstatic.

Have a great day!

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The Warsaw Experience now Includes Communist Kitsch

me-palace-leftA visitor’s Warsaw experience now includes a kitschy new museum that relives communism. It opened recently to capture another slice of tourist curiosity. An article in today’s Arizona Republic travel section featured it. I almost laughed out loud and choked on my coffee. Ironically today’s Real Estate section highlighted new homes focused on “mid-century modern.” Apparently, the 1950’s and 1960’s are the hot new retro period.

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