Warsaw Scores High Rent in Monopoly Here & Now: World Edition

yellow4 cropped with WarsawWarsaw has been named as one of twenty world capitals to be featured in the new Monopoly Here & Now: World Edition. Hasbro announced the selected cities on March 19, 2015, the 80th anniversary of the famous board game. Fans worldwide were invited to vote for their favorite cities, and the ranking of capitals is based on the voting. Four million votes from 182 countries were cast.

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Henryk Slawik – Polish WWII Hero

Photo of Henryk Slawik

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia commons. Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland. Considered Fair Use.

The Polish diplomat Henryk Slawik (1894 – 1944) is credited with saving over 30,000 Polish refugees, including 5,000 Polish Jews in Budapest Hungary. On March 19, 1944 the Germans arrested Slawik. Despite brutal torture, Slawik never gave up one name or contact. The Germans executed him on August 23, 1944, presumably at Mauthausen concentration camp.

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The Water Diviner, The Addams Family and a Rock Band

161323-Happy-Friday-The-13thHere’s three entertainment opportunities for a Friday the 13th – A new film by Russell Crowe opens in Poland; a Polish version of The Addams Family opens in Poland, and a rock band of New York Times best-selling authors plays a benefit concert in Tucson. Check out the Polish movie trailer for The Water Diviner with Russell Crowe – it hasn’t reached the United States yet.

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