About this Web Site

This website began as a daily blog in September 2013. I wrote daily as a public writing discipline to finish a book and make sure I wasn’t the only person alive with these incredible stories.

I set out to tell a story. I never meant to become such close friends with Henry and his wife Nancy. Nor did I expect to become the student of Poland and WWII that I am now. I needed to learn the context of life in Krakow during the 1930s and 1940s. I remain a student and fan of Poland, based on my continuing research. So many stories of Poles go untold, for many reasons. I want to change that and have included stories of notable Poles on the website.

ANNOUNCEMENT: I have signed with the publisher Köehler Books of Virginia Beach, Virginia. 

Henry Zguda, a Catholic Pole was arrested by Germans in 1942. His crime? He was Polish. He survived a year in Auschwitz and two years in Buchenwald. Stories are original, previously unknown, yet researched to be true. T

In 2014 the International Tracing Service identified 130 records with his name on them, primarily from Buchenwald. These documents fully verify his stories. Other originals and artifacts were donated to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in 2004.

I met Henry when I wrote for the newspaper and we hatched the idea to “write a book.” Based on a series of taped interviews I have an amazing story that has compelled me through years of research and work. I would love to hear from you! Have you been to Poland or a neighboring country? Do you have a story of relatives who survived great difficulties at incredible odds? Have you struggled to deal with an aging parent in poor health? Forget about planning for old age when that person refuses to talk about the future, as if denial will prevent the inevitable.

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