Ryszard Kuklinski, Polish Patriot and American Hero

Ryszard Kuklinski

Ryszard Kuklinski. Photo by Krzysztof Langowski.

Ryszard Kuklinski, Polish patriot and American hero, secretly helped prevent nuclear war and World War III in the 1980s.  His story is told in the 2014 film Jack Strong, the title a reference to his American code name. If you want a true life spy thriller I thoroughly recommend the film. I did pick up on more historical nuances than my husband since I write on Polish topics, but it’s still a great story of the Cold War. His name stands worthy of remembrance and respect. Here’s why.

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Euro Cup 2016: Poland Wins its Third Game*

Polish national Polish Tea - courtesy of Vistula for MrFashion.pl

Euro Cup 2016 – Polish National Football Team – 2016

Poland won its third soccer match towards the Euro Cup 2016 trophy, changing the team from “underdog” to “one of the ones to watch.” Today’s score: Poland vs. Ukraine: score 1:0. The American press has given the European match zero news coverage, which I understand somewhat. Soccer isn’t the biggest sport here, and the US is not participating. Thank goodness for the Internet.

After today’s match, Poland is one of the top four teams out of a slate of 24. The other three top teams are Croatia, Germany and France. I find myself getting psyched for the next game.

*Update – On June 25 Poland beat Switzerland!!!


Euro 2016: Poland scored its First Win

Photo of Polish soccer ballEuro 2016: Poland scored its first win ever when it beat Northern Ireland 1:0 on June 12, 2016 in France. For Americans who are not well-versed in the championship men’s football tournament (soccer to Americans), I offer three words. This. Is. Big. Like the Olympics, the Euro Cup is only held every four years, and plays to an audience three times that of the 2016 Super Bowl. This. Is. Big.
Update: Game 2 on June 16 matched World Cup champions Germany to Poland. Score: 0:0. Next game is versus Ukraine on June 21.

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225th Anniversary of the Polish Constitution

Photo of hand-written Polish constitution 1791

Photo from Polish Heritage Club Wisconsin-Madison FB page

Poles around the world celebrate the 225th Anniversary of the Polish Constitution on May 3, 2016. The Polish constitution became the first constitution in Europe, and only the second in the world, after the young United States ratified a constitution less than four years earlier. In many ways, the Polish constitution was patterned after, and inspired by, the U.S. Constitution. It’s the joint spirit of freedom that my friend Henry Zguda always told me “See, we Poles always come back.”

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